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Photos were taken this afternoon. Each one has its meaning and significance for me but i’ll keep it on my own. Why don’t you create your own story out of these photos from my life? I’m sure you have done that a lot of times not just to me, but also to others.

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  • In bullet form cause I’m too lazy to think of anything to write.
  • Well… I had a roller coaster ride since the first day of the year, but I’m hoping this year will be A-Awesome.
  • I have to stop this laziness. HAHA! I have to be organized but I don’t have the courage and will yet though.

  • 1-17-21. Afternoon with Ali.
  • Accompanied him with his check up but he was already finished when I arrived at the clinic.
  • We went to Port cafe Gaisano. My treat this time since I only have a chance to treat him once in a blue moon. Eat and bond so that he can forget his problem temporarily, (something was broken) sorry I spilled it a bit out dee! 🙂

  • 1-25-2012. Bond with Claire, Dimple and Sundy. Had fun
  • Went to KCC mall, watched My Cactus Heart.
  • Oh yeah. Ali was there with us too. I’m just hoping he’ll be close with my friends one of these days.

  • 1-26-2012.
  • Ali had dinner in our house.
  • We just have those dull and LQ moments sometimes.
  • And yes, I just recently realized how lucky I am cause he’s making an effort to spend time with me despite of his busy schedule.

  • Choco Crumble Ice Cream
  • First day of procrastination.

  • Be happy. Drink coke.
  • Second day of procrastination.

  • Fries. All time favorite ❤

Autism Consciousness Week

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“Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Autism”

Yesterday, 1-22-2012, I attended an Aerobics session to help raise fund for Autism Society, plus it’s a requirement for us SPED students. I woke up early despite of having an enormous lack of sleep, i was a little bit excited actually. I saw parents and some of the kids with autism. It’s really cute seeing them dancing and having fun.  Having that kind of illness doesn’t mean they’re lunatics or something, Autistic kids are sweet and intelligent in their own way. They’re extraordinary and deserves some respect too. Yes, I do know cause I have 2 cousins with exceptionalities, and I care for them and love them so.

How to live


From keep calm and carry on book.

what my afternoon was? well, the picture says it all.


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Inside the gate of our school (1st) and outside the gate (2nd)
My afternoon. Ang daan na parati kong nilalakbay tuwing hapon na uuwi ako. 
Sometimes walking alone in the street makes me appreciate the little stuff that we see and able to think and realize things.

To be kissed in the rain


Every girl in this world are wishing to have that special moment… And I just experienced it a while ago. I’m just… speechless. Soooo happy. It’s a magical feeling and i thought it wouldn’t happen to me, but it did. 

It was raining and we were walking down the street,  he suddenly stopped and closed the umbrella, looked at me and kissed me (a smack) under the pouring rain. simple. sweet. One of those moments that I will never forget.

Who said that all Friday the 13th bad? Well, I had a great night really.


That girl…

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It seems that it’s been a long time since I wore a dress, so i tried wearing that dress for this 366 thing.
I miss wearing dresses, shorts and skirts 
I miss being a fashionista. 

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