No regrets. Just love.

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We fight over pointless things, argue about almost everything and often misunderstand each other. We say things we don’t really mean in fights. We may hurt each other and make each one cry. I know we have our rough times, and I guess it’s normal, we just have to minimize it. I know I have done things to hurt you, and I’m sorry, I really am, it was never intentional. I am better than this, I’m doing my best and you know that. I have a lifetime to make it up to you, if you could just let me.

Love isn’t really an easy ride, who ever said it is? Love isn’t a snap of a finger where it will appear in your doorstep as you wish it will. It’s all about patience. If you love someone, you’ll be patient. If you love someone, you’ll never get tired of loving. You wouldn’t feel grateful if love’s going to be that easy where it can be handed out in just a silver platter. You work hard for it, you invest a lot for it and eventually will gain something during the process.

I’ll still stick on our promise where we’ll be there for each other to adjust, we’ll be there for each other together. I’ll always hold on as long as you’ll be there on the other end holding on too.

Whatever may happen, I’ll always be thankful because you came into my life. No regrets. Just love.


An afternoon of hugs!

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Had our observation @ General Santos City SPED Integrated School, for our Field Study. It’s my second time to have a duty here, and the children are just… AMAZING.

The multi-disability class

The autistic and behavioral problem class

Meet Ella, she’s very very sweet cause the time she saw me she automatically hugged me. She has down syndrome, one thing about them is that they’re very sweet and playful, she loves to pose in front of the camera. She is such an angel.

Meet Fergus. He has autism, but he is speaking english all the time. He’s very sweet, making papansin all the time, very gwapo.

Here’s Jojo, he has down syndrome too, he’s quite shy but when you say hi, he smiles and talk to you too. He’s really adorable and cute, also, he loves to smile in front of the camera.

This is Jayson, he can write using his foot. Cool huh? 

Gerald, he’s really sweet and he can sing well!

And the other picture shows the rest of the awesome kids I met.

I just love my course, I love kids like them. Despite of their exceptionalities, they still go to school and be as normal as possible. They’re such an angel.

Productivity at its best!

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My mom always nags me that my room is so messy and I should clean it all up. So I decided to be obedient and started working my ass off.

Before my room was cleaned (left) and after where it is clean and organized (right)

Staying on a clean room is like heaven. HAHA! Very comfy.

A day at the beach

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There is this girl… A week ago, she had her duty in SPED for their Field Study, she captured great pictures together with the SPED students, photos that are worth keeping. But then, she accidentally spilled the entire bottle of water inside her her bag, all of her stuff are wet including her camera and phone. Now, she can’t recover the pictures from her camera. boohoo! Stupid girl.

Valentines Day

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February 14, 2012.

I was excited and anxious. I never had a “real” date during valentines day, so I was  hoping that this day would be special. Though we had a fight, twice, I consider it a special night and a memorable one. I was surprised to see you with the flowers actually, and even more surprised to see the chocolates in it. It was very touchy to see you making an effort on this special day, it made me feel like your princess. I had fun with our not so perfect valentines night. So here I am hoping that next year’s valentines will be more special and perfect. I couldn’t ask for more. I love you! ❤


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Hooked up with the new TV series “REVENGE”

It’s about a girl who’s dad was framed up when she was little, when she was already grown up and beautiful, she took revenge to all the people who made their life miserable.

Staring Emily Vancamp as Emily thorne/Amanda Clarke. She’s so beautiful, right? I’m already in love with her!! gaaahh

Aside from “Revenge,” I’m also addicted to “Castle.” I’m watching these kind of stuff to get pointers on how to ruin their lives without getting caught. LOL. I’ve already have plans on how to take revenge someday day to those who had hurt me in the past. I have all these great ideas already, believe me. HAHA! JK.

To all those who hurt me in the past: One day, I will be REWARDED for ALL THE PAIN you put me through. One day. And I know that day is coming soon. So, best of luck to you. I hope your wishes come true. And I hope that after everything, I can still be nice to you. 🙂

PS: Do not keep your hopes up. As of the moment, I’m still wishing for your soul to rot in hell. But that will change in time. I’m a better person than this.

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