It is truly exciting and challenging to deal with human exceptionality.  Special education is an evolving profession with long and rich heritage. I was challenged to learn about children with special needs causes of different disability, assessment techniques and instructional strategies but more importantly is to help and understand their individual differences.  I learned how to appreciate life more when I started dealing with special individuals. Even they are special and have poor academic performance they have other qualities which you can be happy about them. Very lovable children when they know that you care and appreciate adore and respect you a lot. There’s a sense of belongingness which is their utmost desire.

          Our life has many ups and down and as we live in a material world, people crave for its satisfaction to cope up with the modern changing times.  In my observation many parents work hard to meet their daily needs and to  improve the welfare of their own families hence their children are mostly left behind at home at the care of their yaya’s or extended family and mostly are neglected in proper rearing and discipline in their  formative.  

          In one way or the other hand you become a blessing to them.  But God has given me patience, compassion to do this.  I am very grateful that God placed me in where I am now, I finally found my calling.