We fight over pointless things, argue about almost everything and often misunderstand each other. We say things we don’t really mean in fights. We may hurt each other and make each one cry. I know we have our rough times, and I guess it’s normal, we just have to minimize it. I know I have done things to hurt you, and I’m sorry, I really am, it was never intentional. I am better than this, I’m doing my best and you know that. I have a lifetime to make it up to you, if you could just let me.

Love isn’t really an easy ride, who ever said it is? Love isn’t a snap of a finger where it will appear in your doorstep as you wish it will. It’s all about patience. If you love someone, you’ll be patient. If you love someone, you’ll never get tired of loving. You wouldn’t feel grateful if love’s going to be that easy where it can be handed out in just a silver platter. You work hard for it, you invest a lot for it and eventually will gain something during the process.

I’ll still stick on our promise where we’ll be there for each other to adjust, we’ll be there for each other together. I’ll always hold on as long as you’ll be there on the other end holding on too.

Whatever may happen, I’ll always be thankful because you came into my life. No regrets. Just love.