An afternoon of hugs!

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Had our observation @ General Santos City SPED Integrated School, for our Field Study. It’s my second time to have a duty here, and the children are just… AMAZING.

The multi-disability class

The autistic and behavioral problem class

Meet Ella, she’s very very sweet cause the time she saw me she automatically hugged me. She has down syndrome, one thing about them is that they’re very sweet and playful, she loves to pose in front of the camera. She is such an angel.

Meet Fergus. He has autism, but he is speaking english all the time. He’s very sweet, making papansin all the time, very gwapo.

Here’s Jojo, he has down syndrome too, he’s quite shy but when you say hi, he smiles and talk to you too. He’s really adorable and cute, also, he loves to smile in front of the camera.

This is Jayson, he can write using his foot. Cool huh? 

Gerald, he’s really sweet and he can sing well!

And the other picture shows the rest of the awesome kids I met.

I just love my course, I love kids like them. Despite of their exceptionalities, they still go to school and be as normal as possible. They’re such an angel.


It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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I just love the new face of Philippine Tourism. Yes, it is truly fun here in the Philippines, the culture, practices, travel and etc. I can look at those pictures forever. Nakakatuwa lang tignan. Funny and weird yet and appealing and entertaining.

Yet some of the pinoy’s are taking advantage of it, making there own pictures that are not really appropriate. Hope they’ll come into sense for other countries not to laugh and insult ua, and help in increase the tourism ratings of our country.

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What my afternoon was last 123011

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Outside the port.

My afternoon sky

From the car’s view. It suddenly rains.

Alumni home coming

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It was my first time to attend an alumni home coming. It’s good to be back to where i spent my childhood years, it’s good to see the teachers and the old classrooms; even though my old school is just outside our house, i barely visit there. A lot has change comparing it during our time, but the warm welcome from the teachers are still the same. It’s just good to see that even if time has passed, a decade or so,  the teachers still know their students.

His career for 41 years

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It’s just amazing to see the man selling cotton candy outside our house when I was a kid is still the one I see everyday every time I go out from our house every morning.

And this time I got his permission to take a picture of him 🙂

What love can do

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Very touching. I saw this on the news a while ago, then I saw this picture on Facebook. Good thing Lola already found her husband.

I can’t imagine myself doing this, but hey, one can do anything for love. True love never fails. ❤

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