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It’s just a surprisingly amazing feeling to receive mail, for nowadays people are just depending on emails. It’s classic and classy.

It’s from Germany and USA by the way. Thank you random strangers. Thank you Postcrossing.

1st week of April 2012

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April 1st, family reunion. Spot me, find me. Fatter than ever.

April 2. I, again experienced how tiring can be the enrollment is at nddu.

April 2. Calls from him. He’s in Kuwait right now and I terribly miss him.

April 6. Cleaned and arranged my closet. Got rid of those won’t fit me anymore.

April 8. Spent Easter Sunday at home. Lazy day.


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Hooked up with the new TV series “REVENGE”

It’s about a girl who’s dad was framed up when she was little, when she was already grown up and beautiful, she took revenge to all the people who made their life miserable.

Staring Emily Vancamp as Emily thorne/Amanda Clarke. She’s so beautiful, right? I’m already in love with her!! gaaahh

Aside from “Revenge,” I’m also addicted to “Castle.” I’m watching these kind of stuff to get pointers on how to ruin their lives without getting caught. LOL. I’ve already have plans on how to take revenge someday day to those who had hurt me in the past. I have all these great ideas already, believe me. HAHA! JK.

To all those who hurt me in the past: One day, I will be REWARDED for ALL THE PAIN you put me through. One day. And I know that day is coming soon. So, best of luck to you. I hope your wishes come true. And I hope that after everything, I can still be nice to you. 🙂

PS: Do not keep your hopes up. As of the moment, I’m still wishing for your soul to rot in hell. But that will change in time. I’m a better person than this.


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Photos were taken this afternoon. Each one has its meaning and significance for me but i’ll keep it on my own. Why don’t you create your own story out of these photos from my life? I’m sure you have done that a lot of times not just to me, but also to others.

For more of the Project 366 please do visit my other blog: http://paninirepublic.tumblr.com/


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“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

I found a really cool site, thanks to flickr, the Postcrossing where you can send and receive a postcard plus stamps from a random person anywhere in the world. Cool right? I want to collect stamps and postcards, thus, I want to try something new. I want to have that surprise feeling of receiving a post mail, i miss that, cause we have now the internet where we can connect automatically with others and because we already forgot the importance of writing snail mails and postcards.

This is my first time, the site game that adress (UP) and wil probably send the postcard tomorrow or the next. I can’t wait to receive one too!

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