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Hooked up with the new TV series “REVENGE”

It’s about a girl who’s dad was framed up when she was little, when she was already grown up and beautiful, she took revenge to all the people who made their life miserable.

Staring Emily Vancamp as Emily thorne/Amanda Clarke. She’s so beautiful, right? I’m already in love with her!! gaaahh

Aside from “Revenge,” I’m also addicted to “Castle.” I’m watching these kind of stuff to get pointers on how to ruin their lives without getting caught. LOL. I’ve already have plans on how to take revenge someday day to those who had hurt me in the past. I have all these great ideas already, believe me. HAHA! JK.

To all those who hurt me in the past: One day, I will be REWARDED for ALL THE PAIN you put me through. One day. And I know that day is coming soon. So, best of luck to you. I hope your wishes come true. And I hope that after everything, I can still be nice to you. 🙂

PS: Do not keep your hopes up. As of the moment, I’m still wishing for your soul to rot in hell. But that will change in time. I’m a better person than this.



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  • In bullet form cause I’m too lazy to think of anything to write.
  • Well… I had a roller coaster ride since the first day of the year, but I’m hoping this year will be A-Awesome.
  • I have to stop this laziness. HAHA! I have to be organized but I don’t have the courage and will yet though.

  • 1-17-21. Afternoon with Ali.
  • Accompanied him with his check up but he was already finished when I arrived at the clinic.
  • We went to Port cafe Gaisano. My treat this time since I only have a chance to treat him once in a blue moon. Eat and bond so that he can forget his problem temporarily, (something was broken) sorry I spilled it a bit out dee! 🙂

  • 1-25-2012. Bond with Claire, Dimple and Sundy. Had fun
  • Went to KCC mall, watched My Cactus Heart.
  • Oh yeah. Ali was there with us too. I’m just hoping he’ll be close with my friends one of these days.

  • 1-26-2012.
  • Ali had dinner in our house.
  • We just have those dull and LQ moments sometimes.
  • And yes, I just recently realized how lucky I am cause he’s making an effort to spend time with me despite of his busy schedule.

  • Choco Crumble Ice Cream
  • First day of procrastination.

  • Be happy. Drink coke.
  • Second day of procrastination.

  • Fries. All time favorite ❤

How to live


From keep calm and carry on book.

what my afternoon was? well, the picture says it all.

Merry Christmas!

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It’s christmas already??? haha

Behold Our Christmas Tree.

To mom and dad

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I’m just starting out, still exploring this WordPress thing. I’ll be posting rants, insanities and rubbish things that is happening in my everyday boring life. Hey, i have tublr that you can visit. 🙂

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