Today: 06/02/12


Got these mustache earrings for only Php35

What I’m wearing today

Shitty face

Bought a new blue bracelet!


Fashion post

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“You don’t learn style from watching people on a runway; Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.”

—  Shalom Harlow

New look! Midi skirt and long skirt are so in right now, so I decided to try to wear something like that. Thus, I want a new look! So there. What do you think?


Tassel earrings. Which I bought from a friend since she’s making one.


Colorful bracelet which i bought ages ago from a local accessories shop here.


Checkered shirt, which Ali gave me. 


Black belt, from G mall. I had this belt for as long time.


Long skirt, from ukay-ukay. for only Php45. Cheap finds!


Shoes from KCC mall, i bought it the other day.


Navy blue bag, from Nine West.

It’s not weird, It’s not something to laugh at, It’s FASHION. Be yourself, wear anything you want, don’t be afraid to dress up just because you’re worried of what others will think or say. ❤

Fashion post

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I barely post pictures of clothes I wear, so here it is. Please bare with me…

The hood that Ali gave me. I know i know. He wants me to be simple, to be a little bit of boyish actually. haha

Blurry. Simplicity is beauty.

 During the family reunion. lovin my feather earrings.

New heels. yey!

That girl…

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It seems that it’s been a long time since I wore a dress, so i tried wearing that dress for this 366 thing.
I miss wearing dresses, shorts and skirts 
I miss being a fashionista. 

What I wore last sunday.

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NOVEMBER 27, 2011

I made them myself :D

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