What my afternoon was last 123011

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Outside the port.

My afternoon sky

From the car’s view. It suddenly rains.


Alumni home coming

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It was my first time to attend an alumni home coming. It’s good to be back to where i spent my childhood years, it’s good to see the teachers and the old classrooms; even though my old school is just outside our house, i barely visit there. A lot has change comparing it during our time, but the warm welcome from the teachers are still the same. It’s just good to see that even if time has passed, a decade or so,  the teachers still know their students.

What love can do

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Very touching. I saw this on the news a while ago, then I saw this picture on Facebook. Good thing Lola already found her husband.

I can’t imagine myself doing this, but hey, one can do anything for love. True love never fails. ❤

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