The perfect way to end the summer…

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My boyfriend and I were planning to have a vacation for quite sometimes already, just before the summer ends actually. HAHA! And so it finally came true! We almost postponed it for some reasons, but we managed to pursue our madness.

Tried their food, Ali tried the zipline but i didn’t, firing, wandering, cuddling, having fun…

More vacations to come! Of course with him ❤

Here’s a collage of random photos we took in the resort where stayed in.


A day at the beach

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“Senate hearing,” just for laughs

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I found something really funny. I laughed sooo hard while reading this. Hope this will happen in reality! I would die if could watch it live. HAHA! This post is from:

Enrile: Ok. Court is now in session.

NW: Teka, teka. Let it be known that my presence here is against my will. I feel that all of you people are wasting my time. And the taxpayers’ money. And this kangaroo hearing is impeding on my rights to be somewhere else, getting stoned and wasted with my friends.

Enrile: Mr. Wilwayco, this is a senate hearing…

NW: Wala akong pakialam kung ano’ng klaseng hearing to. Ang sinasabi ko, ‘inimbita’ nyo ko dito nang labag sa kalooban ko. Dapat sana umiinom kami ngayon ng mga tropa ko sa bookay-ukay.

Sotto: Can I just say something, Honorable Chairman?

Enrile: Go ahead, Sen. Sotto.

Sotto: Mr. Wilwayco, konting respeto naman. Mga senador itong kaharap mo. Duly elected public officials.

NW:: Wala akong pakialam. Di ako bumoboto. Sige na umpisahan na natin to nang matapos na agad.

Sotto: Inuulit ko, Mr. Wilwayco, wag mo namang babuyin ang institusyong ito.

NW: Hello? Unang-una, kung meron man sa ating bumababoy sa institusyong ito, kayo yun. Putangina kayo mga senador e. Wala kayong ginagawa kundi kurakutin ang pera ng bayan. Kayo ang numero-unong mga baboy dito sa bansa.

Jinggoy: Ahh, Mr Chairman, may I speak?

Enrile: Yes, Senator Estrada.

Jinggoy: Mr. Wilwayco, wag kang magmura dito. HIndi tinotolerate dito ang lenggwaheng yan. Konting preno, kaibigan.

NW: Hindi mo ko kaibigan, you fucking pig. Ang hirap kase sa inyo, sobra kayong matataas sa mga pedestal ninyo. Hindi kayo lumalabas sa lansangan, hindi kayo sumasakay ng jeep. Hindi nyo alam na ganito magsalita ang karaniwang Pilipino, mga hindot!

Enrile: Order in the court! Mr. Wilwayco one more bad word and I will hold you in contempt!

NW: Putangina mo! Ako pa tinakot mo? Senador ka lang, gago! Basang-basa na papel nyo sa bansa! Mababaho kayo kahit mga naka-barong at amerikana!

Jinggoy: Mr. Wilwayco, ano ba pinagmamalaki mo?

NW: Ano pinagmamalaki ko? Tangina nakapagsulat ako ng mga libro. And my books changed lives! E ikaw? What the fuck have you done, motherfucker?

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

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I just love the new face of Philippine Tourism. Yes, it is truly fun here in the Philippines, the culture, practices, travel and etc. I can look at those pictures forever. Nakakatuwa lang tignan. Funny and weird yet and appealing and entertaining.

Yet some of the pinoy’s are taking advantage of it, making there own pictures that are not really appropriate. Hope they’ll come into sense for other countries not to laugh and insult ua, and help in increase the tourism ratings of our country.

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