The perfect way to end the summer…

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My boyfriend and I were planning to have a vacation for quite sometimes already, just before the summer ends actually. HAHA! And so it finally came true! We almost postponed it for some reasons, but we managed to pursue our madness.

Tried their food, Ali tried the zipline but i didn’t, firing, wandering, cuddling, having fun…

More vacations to come! Of course with him ❤

Here’s a collage of random photos we took in the resort where stayed in.


Productivity at its best!

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My mom always nags me that my room is so messy and I should clean it all up. So I decided to be obedient and started working my ass off.

Before my room was cleaned (left) and after where it is clean and organized (right)

Staying on a clean room is like heaven. HAHA! Very comfy.

A day at the beach

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Places i’ve been to lately.

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On the cliff side

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Some of the pictures from our 1 day adventure (with maam bevs, ronnel, claire and brix) last December 18, 2011.


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